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Onion news to take over Faking News

15, Oct 2014 By roshanpillai

Rooters: Our secret sources who hide under garbage bins and on top of trees has informed us that ‘The Onion’ has decided to take over ‘Faking News’ in a record breaking deal ever for an online media company. The Onion, which is America’s Finest News Source, is an award-winning publication covering international, national, political and local issues on their online wesbite.

The new logo!

Folks at Faking News are ecstatic with this news as they have heard that they are being paid an unheard of sum for the deal. Our sources tried talking to one of the fakers at Faking News, on the condition of anonymity he said that The Onion has offered an unprecented Rs 1101 for the company. Most of the Fakers at Faking news claim to have forgotten how a 100 Rs note looks like. They have already started planning their Diwali Holidays with that money.

The Onion spokesperson have said that they were initially planning to offer Rs 1000, but someone pointed out that Rs 1101 is considered auspicious and brings good luck to both the buyer and seller in India.

However, not everyone is happy with this deal. Normal people who contribute articles to Faking News are divided over the news. Some say that since The Onion is an american company, they would expect better English and grammar in the news articles. Our sources spoke to one the contributor, Mr. Vella Panti, he said “I’m nervous ever since I heard about this news since contributing articles to Faking News is my full time job at office where I work, I’m a programmer and I don’t really know how to code, contributing articles makes me look busy. But my English and grammar is not that good, so I have planned to join ‘Englaind Englis Ispeaking Institute’ to sharpen my language skills as I don’t want The Onion to ban me.”

It remains to be seen what the future of The Faking News would be after the new management takes over.

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