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OLX website sold on OLX

01, Nov 2013 By gauravmatai

It was rather shocking for the employees and the staff at OLX to realize that their company had been sold online, on their own website

So true punchline.
So true punchline.

It is not usual to wake up and find that you’ve been unemployed along with the CEO and all the other top-level management of the company.

The company had been boasting about their process of posting ads online at the click of a button, followed by only a few more clicks. It evidently came to light yesterday that their lack of authorization for posting ads had backfired on them as they were stranded outside their own office (till yesterday). But it proved to be strengthening their brand name through their tagline- ‘Sab kuch bikta hai.’

“Apparently our competitors posted this ad themselves on our website last night and bought it. They played a cruel trick on us and we were left helpless. We currently do not have any strategy for our further actions but we are speaking with our legal department. But first we’re focusing on getting a place to sit,” said Amarjit Singh Batra, the CEO and the business development head of OLX.

This, quite frankly has been the most phenomenal take-over of a company in the history of industrialism. And we hope to get more information on who did this and how. But for now, there has been a strict authorization process put in place for people wanting to post ads on OLX.