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Noida property developers give up on human beings; looking for life on other planets to sell their unsold inventory

11, May 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi-NCR: After a string of high budget radio and print campaigns failed to get them any buyers, Noida property developers are looking for “other worldly” solutions to sell their unsold inventory.

To the chagrin of the property developers, buyers seemed to have seen through the façade of calling “Noida Expressway” – “Greater Noida West” and selling houses with even the brick-work not being complete as “ready to move in” flats.

home for sale
Large empty space for smooth landing of UFOs.

“We are sorely disappointed with the human race,” Tadapit Sikka, MD of Sikka Constructions said. “Despite our strategy of putting an English sounding name for all our projects such as ‘Sikka Paradise Greens’ or ‘Sikka Presidential Estates’ or ‘Sikka Rendezvous Apartments’, people are not buying anymore only. We have toh become like Rahul Gandhi and Congress party only, these days. The more ads we run, the more people make fun of us.”

“We even tried to entice Mr. Vadra to buy some of our unsold inventory but he doesn’t want to be in the limelight too much right now,” Mr. Sikka continued balefully. “So a few of us have gotten together and started broadcasting signals to outer space asking aliens to come and invest in Greater Noida West. This has come after our internal market research pointed out that it was far more likely to find extra-terrestrial life than to find human buyers for our shitty inventory.”

“I don’t know if we will succeed but I am hopeful,” he added, egged on by this reporter. “Koi toh saala alien phansega.