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Nitin Gadkari to take advice on money laundering from Anil Ambani

25, Oct 2012 By Yours Truly

Our correspondents in Nagpur has given us this Exclusive information that top leaders of RSS and BJP has ordered Nitin Gadkari to take lessons on money laundering from Chairman of ADAG – Mr. Anil Ambani. Soon after reports emerged that Nitin Gadkari had used Indian companies, with fake Indian addresses and fake directors, to launder money received as bribes the RSS  and BJP summoned Mr. Gadkari to their office here in Nagpur.

It is believed that top leaders of both RSS and BJP were notably annoyed at the simple way in which the bribes were accounted. They pointed out how Anil Ambani had brilliantly laundered money through his entities based out of Mauritius. It is pertinent to note that Mr. Ambani was caught and fined by the market regulators in UK but the Indian authorities were unable to prove anything against him inspite of presence of damming evidence.

The top leaders pointed out to Gadkari that with the introduction of people like Arvind Kejriwal it is very easy to detect such simple scams. Need of the hour is to have a more complex web of deals which would be difficult to detect. In his defense Mr. Gadkari claimed that these “dealings” happened quite some time back when Arvind was still a small time Income Tax officer and Gadkari had no intuition that there would come a day when someone will have the time or willingness or power to expose these deals in public.

Our sources confirmed that later in the day there was a presentation by top business consultants on how to set up companies in tax havens without having to give fake address and keep drivers as the directors. These companies get funded mysteriously and they use their funds in mysterious ways. The authorities that have jurisdiction to probe are not willing to probe and the authorities who are keen to probe have no jurisdiction to probe. “So it is totally safe” the presentation said.