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NIC introduces a new ‘Invigilator Insurance Policy’

02, Sep 2013 By trishanku

Following the media coverage of increasing instances of violence against the teachers invigilating various school and college examinations, the leading non-life insurance company of the country, the National Insurance Company has introduced a novel policy for the teachers, to be called the ‘Invigilator Insurance Policy’.

Beautiful invigilators like these ought to be insured.

Announcing this at a crowded press conference in Kolkata, the deputy chairman of the company , Mr. Sengupto informed about its salient features. The policy will provide compensation for all acts of violence encountered during invigilation subject to a maximum limit of Rs 20,000 per incident. The amount will be decided on the recommendations of a board based on the extent of ‘discomfort’ faced by the invigilator like slapping, punching, spoiling clothes etc.

To prevent fraudulent claims, the complaint will have to be endorsed by a minimum of three eyewitnesses, at least one of whom should be a student. On being questioned that this may lead to connivance between the students and the teachers, Mr.Sengupto hoped that the teachers who are supposed to teach ethics and morals to the students would not fall a prey to such temptations. In case any such instances come to light, these would be deemed as acts of cheating and police complaints filed.

On another query about serious incidents like stabbing etc. encountered sometimes, Mr. Sengupto mentioned that NIC was a non-life insurance company, and its compensation package would be additional to any compensation that the victim gets from LIC or any other agency.

The teachers all over the country have widely appreciated this move and suggested that their school management should pay the premium for this insurance.