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New Polgry Bird game launched

10, Mar 2014 By khakshar

Rovio Entertainment Limited, previously known as Relude and Rovio Mobile the developer of game “Angry Birds”  are testing a new game in India. This game shall be launched within a week and it’s launch will be at New Delhi or Lucknow. The Finnish  company is excited about the launch as their last  version “Angry Birds Go” had not been received  as hot cakes. Meanwhile the craze of Flappy Bird from Vietnamese “Dong “had eroded the base of  “Angry Birds”

This new game shall be called “Polgry Birds” and will be based on angry Indian Politicians. It will also have a feature of defection when the character gets angry. The Bird will of course defect to the opponent tree or branch.

The game will have a feature which will keep a track of   Defected and Defective angry characters . It is an added feature as humans fail to keep track of Regional  Birds and get confused as to “who is with Whom”. Some political Parties are apprehensive of the Game in Pipeline as The Birds shall not be allowed to protest at the joint of the branch of opponents. Another section is not happy as the birds can not use their natural extract ink to smear faces.

(by @khakshar)