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New chips company promises 95% of its packet filled with chips, not air

05, May 2015 By Aditya Jha

People relishing the goodness of packs filled with chips

In the bid to stand out from its competitors in the fast food quick snacks department, a newly launched company FakingChips has filed for a patent of its chips that supposedly come in tight air bags which are 95% filled with chips and 5% with air.

Taking offence to this, its competitors have started blaming the FakingChips franchise for being disloyal to its customers and being ineffective in its way of providing them with proper nutrients in a fast food chips packet.

The FakingChips company still persists with its idea of not letting its rivals take away any sense of credibly away from them. The FakingChips owner, Mr.GurGur Potato told the media, “The chips companies today are selling air to their customers and not chips, we at FakingChips take pride in providing people with air bags that are filled with chips, coming at different prices – starting from Rs1 to Rs10.”

The unlikely cause of events in the quick snacks fast food segment has brought about a ray of hope in the minds and hearts of snacks lovers who can now relish the good times of snacking with tight air pack of chips that are said to be filled with goodness of potatoes and not goodness of tight manufactured air.

The FakingChips franchise is being lauded for its efforts to provide consumers with potato chips and not manufactured air, it is a sign of humanity from the owners of FakingChips, taking pride in their own version of quick time snacking – the way it was always meant to be.

*FakingChips, not available in stores near you.