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Net-o-holic granny go zany for 4G

25, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Who would have thought of primacy of smart phones in our country? But there has come a revolution now. Every hand possesses a high-quality mobile for a decided reason. The distance seems to have shortened with open use of this technological wonder. There was a time when we used to carry the betel cases in our hands. However, the time has come when we see every hand from upper strata to the lower rung of the society is holding a mobile phone.

It was recently a not quite sixty-year-old lady talked of buying an advanced 4G mobile for her own use. She was overheard relating this matter to her married niece. She was amazed to learn of her strong interest in that piece of the device which keeps the moneyed woman apprised of every development in the whole world. Her niece could not control herself from asking what exactly made her buy the new set despite already possessing a quality smart phone. It was later known to the unaware niece that she being an ardent ‘net-o-holic’ could not desist herself from buying the latest model of the mobile set. Such a craze among aged women is no longer surprising. They are widely and freely using the latest mobiles, tabs and laptops for their own whims.

It may be due mainly to this fact that the demand for 4G devices has grown much in comparison to the last year’s sale. The growth has been recorded to 366.2 million units in this year. It has even touched 6.7% level. This trade in our country has left populated China far behind on a year-on-year basis. As the reports suggest increasing demand for the smart phones in India, Indonesia and South-East Asian countries have driven manufacturers to shipment over 78 million units during the quarter of April-June of this ongoing year.There is growing demand for 4G smart phones with features like more storage capacity, better processors and more advanced cameras.