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Nestle to launch Maggi 'Salman's bail' Minutes Noodles

08, May 2015 By simplydimply

Mumbai– Making hay while the case lasts seems to be the new mantra for marketing. Nestle, too, tempted by the halla -gulla around Salman Khan’s case has decided to launch a new version of its 2 minute Maggi noodles.

“It will be called Maggi Salman’s bail minute noodles. USP being, you can cook them before Salman Khan can secure bail. Salman’s bail securing time is the new benchmark. Now 2 minute seems to be too long. We are sure that it this benchmark is going to be used at many more places, e.g. can 100 m dash can be completed before Salman’s securing bail etc. Kudos to our system, it can serve the rich so fast. Similarly new maggi will to anyone who can afford it. We are just the first to deploy this benchmark,” Nestle told Faking News.