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Nestle to launch a new brand of noodles called NUKES after Musharaff's statement

12, Jun 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

Nestle Pakistan lately announced their flagship noodle brand called NUKES after the Maggie debacle in India. The officials at Nestle are very hopeful about the product’s success as it will contain high amount of Lead which will be helpful for Pakistan to threaten India as Mr. Parvez Musharaff recently did by telling their rival country about their NUKES which they fire on festivals.

Now as the Nestle Nukes will contain high amount of lead, it will be easy to fire them instead of original NUKES (Nuclear weapons) which would have cost them in cores. Why waste so much of money when you can manage it in five to ten rupees.

The Public Relation officer of Nestle Pakistan Mr. Zardari looked happy when our reporter Mr. Manohar went meet him for a brief interview about strategies involved in the new Nukes launch.

Mr. Zardari told him that there will be an on-ground activation for the new NUKES noodles. He said they will put a set-up in a mall where people will have to enter into NUKES room. He will then be blindfolded and asked to select a chit from the bowl. There will be two options in the chits first will be to taste the NUKES and second to fire the NUKES both catastrophic in nature. Mr. Manohar looked appalled after hearing this.

Continuing with the Q & A, he asked about the distribution of Nestle NUKES to which Mr Zardari responded quickly and said that’s top-secret and one should not push and challenge the integrity of Nestle Pakistan because they are not a small company. Manohar responded to this by a sarcastic grin on his face perhaps thinking (BAAP, BAAP HOTA HAI AUR BETA, BETA!)

Zardari’s personal assistant Sonia appeared from nowhere with a plate of smoking hot Nestle Nukes. The Nestle Pakistan’s P.R.O ate it with utter pleasure and offered the same to our reporter Manohar which he politely declined and left for faking news headquarters.

Source: THE BINDU- India’s most used aluminium foil.