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Neeta Volvo to venture into airlines industry

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The stock market took a bus ride yesterday with help of Neeta volvo as they announced their local airlines venture, Neeta Volvo Airways. The move comes after the unavailability of bus tickets for millions of passengers, close to the diwali season. The competitors like abb travels, xyz travels, ab-bas-kar travels are annoyed with this move. ‘This is against the bus aaparators union rules, I say’, said Lingaswamy, the owner of Buslingam travels in Chennai.

ready to take off?
ready to take off?

The idea of operating an airlines came to Ms.Neeta(Not to be confused with the Mumbai Indian Neeta) when one of the franchise owners told her that he over heard a passenger  saying, ‘Might as well take a flight for the price I am paying’. Several other factors also have gone into the decision making.

Ms.Neeta justified the decision by saying that the petrol think tank had identified lot of learning in the bus industry that can be mapped to the airlines. They can request volvo to remodel their air buses to air crafts. ‘The buses will only need escape velocity’, quick-witted one of the members. Suggestion to introduce a sleeper plane was also discussed to lure young couples who want to “travel together”. The idea of flights reaching the destinations in a matter of couple of hours would mean that lot of passengers would be willing to stand and reach the destination when seats are full.

The board unanimously agreed that the bus drivers who fly on the highways can easily handle flights. One of the bored members quickly pointed out that they might need a horn to be fitted to the planes. Since there will be no check posts, the aircraft cleaners can now play the latest movies in the flights. Red chillies firm saw this as a new market for premièring Rohit Shetty movies. Finally there would not be any incidents of bladder blasting inside the planes.

But there can be major air blocks to this decision. For example it is still not clear how the conductors would put their head out of the windows to scream the destination name, on non peak days. The aviation minister, Ajit singh has apparently given a go ahead for the idea to challenge the new airlines announced by Tata. Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya showed interest in selling the Kingfisher airlines which Ms.Neeta has declined. However she has indicated her interest in partnership with either RCB or Virat Kohli.

It remains to be seen if the buses will now take off.