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Narendra Modi to launch a chain of Sunglasses across India, plans to name it 'Shades of Modi'

16, May 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

The recent China visit by the Indian Prime minister sporting various kinds of sunglasses has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Ministry of Information and broadcast informed Narendra Modi about the same and he was delighted to learn this and instantly came up with a Make in India plan.

He said he is going to ask Indian people to launch as many sunglasses stores as they want, but they should name their store “SHADES OF MODI” and also the first sunglasses should be sold to him on 20% discount.

The sunglasses selling Indians are very happy after getting to know this. The Rs 80-100 sunglasses selling vendors from “Esplanade” Kolkata, “Connaught Place” Delhi are super excited about this new venture. They have formed an association and they want to meet the Indian PM to discuss how to take this ahead.

Narendra ji
Shades of Modi

Our reporter from Kolkata met the head of the association on the streets of “Esplanade” also called “Dharamtalla”. He looked extremely happy and told him that as soon as he finishes the stock he along with the other members will be going to meet the Prime Minister.

He wasn’t able to hold his happiness and started talking in his native language and said: “aami khub kushi aachi. apnar PM khub bhalo kaj korchi re baba.. khub bhalo.” Mamta didi kichu r dhong er kaj korte pare na shudu bhashan e dite pari shudu.”

Our Delhi reporter also tried contacting the association head of Delhi but he wasn’t seen anywhere on the streets of CP, perhaps he was done with the stock clearance and had already moved ahead to meet the PM at 7RCR.

Our reporter Rahul, somehow managed to reach 7 Race course road as well for a brief interview about how will the PM implement the SHADES OF MODI ABHIYAN. He was already waiting in his favorite shades which he brought from China. He said it had a key which turned the sunglasses to a 3D glass to read Raj Comics on their website.

On asking about why the name the store “Shades of Modi”, NaMo said, “I am the prime minister I can name and change anything. Like I changed the government.”

The reporter asked will you encourage Kejriwal to wear shades purchased from “Shades of Modi” to which he said, “Of course yes! We are brothers from different mothers and ‘jo uska hai woh mera hai‘ which hinted to the reporter that sooner or later Delhi government will belong to him either by hook or crook.”

On asking what is the need of visiting other countries every now and then that too in, Indian Airlines?

He got offended and said in a somewhat rude tone – aap apne aur apne aap ke kaam se matlab rakhiye, hamaare nahi. humey hesh chalana bakhubi aata hai. chai bech kar PM bane hain. majaak thode hai.

At the end of the interview, he requested our reporter to click a selfie so that he may promote his recently launched JAN SELFIE YOJNA. Our reporter said, he was stunned to find a selfie stick also available with him.