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Monday Morning Purple

23, Jun 2014 By samkit369

Mumbai: The conventional saying “Monday Morning Blues” was changed to “Monday Morning Purple” for Cadbury. News is that the stock prices of Cadbury India rose by 27% after the trading in the Company resumed with the opening bell on Monday. Shareholders are going gaga over rumoured RBI decision to replace Eclairs as Re.1 coin and ChlorMint as Re 0.50/- coin.

Shareholders have welcomed this rumoured decision with both hands. Perfetti Van Melle (PVM),the owners of Chlormint, are very excited with the move. It is believed everyone was given one packet of ChlorMint each on their way out of the office on Monday. Our reporters contacted the PVM India office and scheduled a meeting. It is learnt that Mr Jhunjhunwala, impressed with Cadbury India’s performance after it resumed trading, is planning to invest in PVM India and take it Public. They also may have decided on a date for its IPO. Our reporters contacted rival companies of Cadbury and PVM like Nestle and Wrigleys. They both seemed cynical and trashed the idea of a replacement.

Further our reporters tried to contact RBI Governor, Mr Raghuram Rajan for his comments. Mr Rajan was unavailable for comment. But learning from the AajTak Team, our reporters didn’t give up and followed him and looking at the dedication Mr Rajan finally agreed. Mr Rajan said that the talks are on with Cadbury India and PVM India as to when can this dream be made a reality.

The India Government Mint operates four mints in the country for the production of coins. With Cadbury India and PVM joining hands, it will boost the minting operations and logistics. Coins will be passé. The Indian Government may also invest in these companies if needed (Mr Rajan winked). He also said that Nestle and Wrigleys had taken part in the bidding but lost.

We asked a few shoppers about this decision. They all sounded happy and were jumping with joy. One even went on to say, “Acche din aane wale hai… ab hum bhi shopkeepers ko paiso ke badle chocolates denge” and continued jumping again.

If Eclairs and Chlormint actually replace Re 1 and Re 0.50 coins, it will totally revolutionize the Indian Currency market. It will turn many heads. It will change the entire viewpoint with which we look at candies. It is believed that this can even have a ripple effect globally esp with BitCoin users who are planning to legalize Bitcoins as an accepted currency in many countries. Well, we at FN don’t know how things will change in the future but just hope for a better, brighter and a sweeter one.