Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Mobile users pray for Vodafone-Idea merger

30, Jan 2017 By Viral Shah

Vodafone has confirmed that it is in talks with Idea for a merger for its India operations. This has made mobile users to pray for the deal to go through. The mobile users are already fed up the marketing calls convincing them for Mobile Number Portability. If the deal goes through they will get lesser calls for portability.

As per reports, on an average a mobile user gets at least 2 calls a day to switch to a better network or to buy some financial products. With the entry of Reliance Jio this has increased to 3 calls per day. Tele-callers who call make these calls rarely check the DND status of the number and keep calling Left, Right and Centre.

The consumers at large are greatly irritated by such kind of aggressive marketing calls. So such mergers will be welcomed. Customers have also come up with a wishlist of mergers similar to Vodafone Idea:

1 ) ICICI Life insurance & Reliance Life Insurance

2) American Express Credit Card & Citibank Credit Card

3) HDFC & Axis loan divisions.

If all the above merger calls happen the number of disturbing calls may reduce to 1 call per day. This will increase the overall efficiency of employees/businesses which in turn may increase India’s GDP by at least 2%.

For now, we are keeping our fingers crossed.