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Mobile company launches new product 'MODI G'

20, May 2014 By S. Roy

After the victory in recent Lok Sabha elections, MODI word has still not stop doing wonders in the market. After the sky high Sensex crossing 25 k, Modi has become a household phenomenon.

The word is in the town that one of the mobile companies has decided to change the name of its product. Before the actual release, our sources revealed that new product to be launched is MODI G.

Planners have taken all the credit for the tsu’NAMO’ it has created citing the much anticipated victory was inevitable.

As soon as it was announced that MODI is at the crest of its wave, the product was launched. The product MODI G recorded impeccable sale of 200,000 handsets in just less than 2 hours. The company has launched an attack on the rival companies for this unexpected rush.

The allegation is that rival companies have tried to use the complimentary MODI G handset allotted to them for being on the losing side. MODI G makers have clarified that rival company was allowed only one MODI G per BADHAAR ID, however they have availed many more than the stipulated limit which has caused such shortage. The corruption factor is at work from their side and no wonder MODI G has won over it.

Contrary to pre counting reports, MODI G has alone managed to win the market share. Earlier reports did not give MODI G a clear mandate in the market. The stark acceptance of MODI G can be estimated by the fact that other products to be launched in the market have crashed at the factory during test trials and some of them which were launched have not managed to attract a single buyer due to past record of poor battery backup and lethargic customer service in other models that they had launched. The leader amongst zero sellers, PSB, has attacked MODI G marketers citing intensive campaign which derailed PSB’s market share in their own backyard. However, one must feel that PSB has not focused neither on their mobile phone’s poor features nor at their lame agendas.

On the other hand, the abysmal performance of the former leading player like GressCon Ltd. has caused an exponential increase in ecstasy of the customers who were waiting for a new big thing to hit the market. “We have always been waiting for a product like MODI G. We have tried PSB, PS, GressCon Ltd but based on what we have heard from MODI G’s users, it sounds awesome and the best thing it is available in only one colour which is white which does not give rise to competition amongst your peers. White, I believe is a symbol of peace. To add to that, good battery backup is an advantage. I hope my phone MODI G runs for 5 years and if I am happy I will buy a new one for another 5 year term.” Says one of the customers who is delighted with the prospect of using MODI G for the first time.

Seeing the popularity of the company, investors have started to buy shares of MODI G’s parent company because of which markets have gone berserk. The sharp turn of events was noticed throughout the world that prompted heads of other countries to invite the parent company for a meet, after which they will decide about MODI G launch in their respective countries. It may seem to be a result unexpected but prima facie, it appears MODI G is going to take over rival companies for years to come. What happens in the future is only customers can decide but as of now we leave you with customers yelling MODI G, MODI G, and MODI G.