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Mobile bought jusy before #AchaHuaNahiLiya sale, man falls into depression

25, Jun 2015 By ivishal

Mr Shukla a 32 year old underpaid techie suddenly fell into depression when he found out that the mobile he bought 3 day back has now 53 Rs more discount on the big sale from another e commerce site.

At the time Mr Shukla was taking morning dump along with getting updated with latest deals online on his latest mobile phone from China. His room mate became suspicious after Mr Shukla was taking more time than including his “happy time” in the bathroom. He then had to force open the doors to save Mr Shukla.

He was waiting for more than 7 months tracking the lowest price. From since he is not talking to anyone and has been keep on staring into his mobile phone. Dr. Yadav has confirmed a sharp rise of such patients in recent discount war between e-commerce site. The  patient will take at least six months to go get better and start shopping online.

According to the new intern at the office Miss Swati, Shukla had helped her get the best deal on her mobile phone three months back. He was known to get the best deals every time and helped a lot others too. But they say accidents can happen to any one.