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MNCs showing Cafe Rio in Football de-addiction seminars

17, Jul 2014 By aniesh

The growing interest in football after FIFA 2014 has led the MNCs in metro cities of India to start with football de-addiction seminars.

Works wonders all the time.

When asked for comment, the HR head replied,” Football matches end late in night. Thus employees who have got addicted to watching football are always sleep deprived. These employees have been found to come late in office and work sluggishly. This has led to overall reduction in performance for this quarter”.

In these de-addiction seminars employees are made to watch Cafe Rio for several hours.

“I have started watching hockey after attending 2 hours of Cafe Rio. I could not have tolerated more of it so I have started following hockey, it is just like football but played with a hockey,” claims one of the employee after coming out of seminar.

These seminars are proving to be very effective in reducing number of  football fans so all the MNCs are trying to adopt it. This has led to sudden surge in demand of Cafe Rio videos after FIFA 2014 finals.

“Some of the employees are very sensitive, sometimes we have to switch off Cafe Rio video within 5 mins so as not to have any permanent psychological damage on them. One of the employee wanted to commit suicide after he was exposed to one hour of Cafe Rio,  since then we are very cautious in selecting duration for which each employee is exposed to Cafe Rio,” quipped lead speaker in one of the seminar.