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Middle class family refuses to board Air Asia flight

11, Jul 2014 By Amarendra Sagila

Travelers, crew, and officials in Chennai airport were witness to a strange incident yesterday when a middle class family refused to board an Air Asia flight scheduled to leave to Goa.  The photograph of the flight is shown.

The family of four was in a holiday mood and having a good time until they caught a glimpse of the flight that was supposed to take them to Goa. On reading the phrase “Now Everyone Can Fly” painted across the body of the flight in huge letters, they became livid.

Air Asia
Not impressive enough

Gopalan, the head of the family, was looking very apologetic and was seen explaining to his wife and college-going children. They reportedly told Gopalan that they don’t want to take a flight in which everyone can fly.

“After all the years of hard work, I thought that we are finally a bit better off than most others. I did not know that we are still part of the crowd, everyone? huh!” Gopalan’s wife was heard saying. Gopalan’s children too joined their mother and vented their anger on him. After some drama, the family left the terminal looking dejected.

A few years ago, Tata Nano faced a similar situation vis-à-vis the same family. The Gopalan family booked a Nano and were eagerly awaiting the delivery. However, when their car was about to be delivered, they cancelled their booking. They cited the image of Tata Nano as India’s cheapest car as the reason for their cancellation.

At that time, Gopalan said that his family wanted to buy a car not only to travel as a family in an affordable way, but also to make a statement to their friends and relatives. However, the tag of the cheapest car defeated the very purpose of buying a car. “We don’t  want to go around in a cheap car” said Gopalan.

“I can’t pose with India’s cheapest car, post it on Facebook, and be taken seriously” said Murugan, Gopalan’s son. “What’s the point” he said.

The family waited a year and bought a Maruthi Alto last year.