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MBA sues company after joining for misleading “About us” video that showed hot women in office

09, Oct 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: In what could be a first, an MBA sued his company for its misleading “About us” video – one that convinced him to join the company.

HR Manager
About us had HR managers like this in office, but reality was far from it.

“I rejected a PPO from an international bank in Singapore to join this company, primarily because there were several hot women in the ‘About us’ video on the company’s website,” Tadapit said gloomily. “Only after joining the company did I realize that Gamma Consultants actually consults for other consulting firms – i.e. helps them make pie charts, bar graphs and text-heavy slides that are capable of driving any sane being to epilepsy. And to boot, all the people who work here are short, fat and bald engineer MBA’s – much like me.”

“But in the video, they had all these people in lab coats, people in business class lounges drinking champagne, people smiling and high fiving clients, people looking at their watch as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere while waiting for a cab in New York,” he added. “But yahaan toh it’s a four room office in Okhla with paan stains and a malfunctioning AC that has an entire dynasty of pigeons living in it.”

However an HR spokesperson for Gamma Consultants defended the video by using a rather odd metaphor – “You watch porn, no? But sex is not like porn at all. So what’s wrong if we sexed up our company video a little bit?”