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Man wins case against KFC for not giving ketchup sachet, gets 'Babaji ka Thullu' in compensation

01, Mar 2014 By Baawra Chhora

It has been about 10 years since Mr. FokatLal last purchased a bottle of ketchup. As he emotionally recalls “Yes, those were difficult times.We had to buy the expensive ketchup and it would hurt so bad when a guest would ask for ketchup despite the accompanying chutney for the samosa.”

“But thankfully, We came to know about these fast food chains which allow you take as much ketchup sachets as you want. Soon we started making stocks of ketchup. Infact now vegetables are so costly, we would eat chapati with ketchup at least once every week”

But some recent turn of events annoyed FokatLal.He walked in to KFC and ordered the regular meal and opened bag to pass in the sachets at counter. To his surprise, all the counter was devoid of Ketchup. When asked, ketchup was found to be paid for.Poor Fokat ended up dipping his burger in coke but decided to move court over the ketchup issue.

Fokat accused KFC of Mental and financial harassment as his children were too addicted to ketchup for him to not buy a lot of it. Mr. Fokat asked for a lifetime free supply of ketchup as compensation.

At the end of 51st hearing, court finally gave the decision in favour of FokatLal.But hearing the counter argument of KFC, “Fokat has already hogged enough of ketchup as would be required by him for 1 life ” , the court ended up awarding FokatLal , ‘Babaji ka Thullu’.