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Man shocked after finding no Chhole Bhature in Starbucks menu

20, Oct 2012 By Rahul Batra

Mr Prakash an accountant working for a local company recently visited Starbucks after borrowing Rs 2000 from his colleagues on the pretext that he needed the cash urgently to buy medicines for his ill mother. Mr Prakash shares his experience with us:

Starbucks had promised local customizations

As soon as I entered the security guards gave me odd looks, I guess because I didn’t have any Rolex on my wrist or a Mont Blanc in my front pocket.

I then started reading the menu and I was shocked beyond measure to find that there was no mention of Chole Bhature in the whole menu. They had promised to incorporate local flavours in their menu. Liars!!

I personally feel that they could have made the menu a lot easier for the indian consumers because anyways half the people can’t make out the difference between a Cappuccino, Frappuccino & a Mochaccino. I would have appreciated if they would have described these drinks with simple names like “Zyaada Doodh vali, Kali vali, Kam Jhaag (froth) vali etc”.

The prices were sky high as expected.I must admit after eating a tiny croissant for Rs 450 when the waiter asked me if I wanted to order more though I was starving inside I had to reply “No I am not hungry at all. Just ordered the croissant to see if it’s any better than the one my chai vala gives.”

Like the other customers present in the cafe even I had an inexplicable urge to click random pics making sure that the Starbucks symbol is prominently seen in every pic & uploading it on Facebook the moment  I enter home with the caption “Me chilling at Starbucks!!” How I wish my mobile battery hadn’t drained down when I was there. 🙁

Anyways I did steal a few of their tissue papers with their symbol on it. I might frame them on my wall so I can prove to the Gupta’s next door that I am not as poor as they think of me to be.

I recently came to know that Starbucks entered in India after a joint venture deal with the Tata group. I am sure that this would turn out to be a win win situation for both. The Starbucks experience is one of a kind Come on we can lure people into buying a Tata Nano with an “all expenses paid visit for 2 to India’s first Starbucks where you get to share 1 whole cold bottle of the finest mineral water while seated on comfortable cushions with the soothing melodies of Himesh Reshammiya jazz singers playing in the background & experience award winning Starbucks hospitality for free *T&C apply”

Disclaimer : This is a work of pure fiction.Incase your feelings were hurt after reading this you may please walk down to the nearest South Indian restaurant where a waiter with shining white teeth & plenty of coconut oil in his hair (enough to make Saudi Arabia feel shy of their oil reserves) will be more than happy to serve you a piping hot glass of filter coffee for you to drown your sorrows in.

Written by: Rahul Batra Besides blaming the government for all his woes he also rants on his blog