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Man quits fake liquor business starts MBA institute

19, Feb 2013 By suraj

Ramesh Tyagi, a Gaziabad based businessman announced today that he would launch a chain of B-Schools based on the IIPM model.

When asked about his decision, he replied that he was really inspired by seeing Arindam Choudhry fight with everyone who spoke sense on national TV and it reminded him of his late father who had been a pioneer in the city’s fake liquor business. He claims that his father had fought with the same tenacity with a school teacher who had tried to stop him from selling illicit liquor to school children.

Some excerpts from the interview:

So Mr Ramesh what is the name of your Institute?

Well since we are from the fake liquor business we will name our Institute IIpeeM,

Tell us more about IIpeeM?

See, when I came across IIPM i realized that there are so many dumb people in this country who go to an institute for free laptops & europe trips so we decided to cater to a market of even more dumb individuals, our slogan is “dare to dream beyond IIPM”

So how would you achieve that?

Well it’s quite simple… you see after i read “count your chickens before they hatch” I got this idea… we will give our students 1 full chicken tandoori every day for lunch. plus there will be weekly outing to nearby towns like meerut , agra & rampur where our students will do study tours.

What will the study tours be for?

We havent decided that yet but our students will get to  take new profile pictures i think…

What facilities will you provide?

What kind of question is this, Di dent i tell you we are following IIPM model.

What about Placements?

You see we have a placement cell in place which is run by my nephew Kamal. We will place our students in Dubai, Canada and Iran depending on their need for laborers… also, we have tied up with various organisations in India where our students will go for Protests & Fasts.. plus there is huge demand for stone pelters from kashmir so we can also send some good students on summer placements there.

What do you plan to do next?

I am changing my look and will grow a pony tail… plus I have ordered 15 blue suits and am writing a book on family planning. My wife will be the co author of the book … I will name it “the great indians teenage dream”