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Man makes a fortune trading on Flipkart Diwali sale

11, Nov 2014 By naamtosunanhihoga

Ram Gopal Chaurasiya, an Engineering-MBA-PhD combination, whose favorite pass time is questioning his own very existence, has finally made it big. If reports are to be believed, the “Billion” in the “Big Billion Day”, is actually a reference to the amount he earned during that fateful week of Diwali.

Chaurasiya counting his exploits

“It struck me when I ordered a Half Girlfriend online for Rs 200, but found its price down by Rs 50 the moment I made the payment. After the regular self loathing session, I had an epiphany, and realized the existence of immense market inefficiencies, and rapid volatility, specially in the books and media segment,” said Chaurasiya, while cursing the ground clearance of his newly brought Lamborghini.

Chaurasiya made a fortune trading on Moto G futures, and is now a market expert in the Electronics segment.

Over the past weeks, many changes have occurred and new bigger players have entered in the market. The trading has now been organised into the Flipkart Exchange of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh (FED UP).

“Though major part of the business happens in the Delhi-NCR region, we have nominal presence in Uttar Pradesh, since it greatly adds to our name,” said Milind Nakude, the FED UP Director.

However, Chaurasiya is not alone. Faking News interviewed a few other traders on the FED UP floor, and received enlightening results.

“It’s the next big thing since the ’08 fiasco. Many of the traders have made a killing during the Diwali time. Also, since the market is still unregulated, there’s huge potential for exploitation, something that guys like me are veterans at. ”, said Jai Praksah (JP) Murugun, a FED UP trader, on the condition of anonymity.

Another trader, Raghu, explained his growth on the trading floor – “Earlier I used to spot order my purchases online, and then hedge its price movement by buying options. But since the Diwali rally, I have only been playing on Derivatives.”

Market regulatory authorities were denied a chance to express their opinion since we thought the article was getting rather long.