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Mallya converts his grounded aircrafts into Kingfisher Hotels

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya is back with a bang. After the Kingfisher Airlines debacle, the liquor baron has converted a tough situation into an opportunity.

Some of his Kingfisher aircrafts which are grounded currently in Indian airports will be converted into hotels comprising a dozen rooms, a couple of meeting centers and concierge. This project will be christened as Kingfisher Hotels, and Mallya hopes this will revive the fortunes of his Kingfisher brand.

Now a 5 star hotel.
Now a 5 star hotel.

According to Mallya, the first USP of this hotel will be the aircraft’s proximity to the airport tarmac. It will be convenient for the frequent business flyers who like hotels close to airports for convenience. In this case, they literally won’t have to leave the airport itself. They can just disemark from their flights, and voila, a hotel room is right in front of them.

It will be the shortest flight to hotel commute, ever. With meeting room facilities, they can have their meetings within the aircraft hotel itself and do not even have to enter the airport building.

It says it will negotiate with aircraft officials and security agencies that the airport exit and entry process for its clients can be done at the entrance of its Kingfisher Hotel aircraft itself. Business flyers often have quick meetings in the airport lounges, restaurants and coffee shops with the local party, in case they face paucity of time to enter the city traffic. Kingfisher Hotel will shorten even that excursion.

The second USP is the quality of the hotel stay that clients will receive. In Mallya’s own words “You will be treated like you were guests in my own home”. Lastly, those on holiday can also find this hotel appealing. Mallya plans to convert the wings into open-air relaxing areas, with spas and jacuzzis fitted in, as well as a net covered ball court.

Kingfisher Employee Union members were ecstatic on hearing this new project, as it meant their job fears and salary losses have found a new hope of revival. Celebrations continued in its office till late in the night. They have also proposed Mallya’s name be included as the next ‘God’ of India after Tendulkar.

The business community has welcomed the project, and said Kingfisher aircraft hotels displays the spirit of entrepreneurship in India will always fly high. Stock markets responded positively to the news, and Kingfisher’s stock price had doubled yesterday, the biggest jump in stock market history.

But is everything gung-ho about this project, or are there some worries as well? Media got to know a major problem this hotel concept will fact, and that is disposing the sewerage. Since there are no sewer pipelines connecting the aircraft to the city drainage system, and the airport flight disposal unit catering only the the actual flights, the Kingfisher Hotel is caught in between. As of now, it seems the the hotel’s clients will inevitably have to enter the airport building after all, if just to use the public conveniences.