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Maggi lovers ask Baba Ramdev to come up with Herbal Maggi

05, Jun 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

Maggi is loved all over India. It is the main source of food in college hostels. Boys usually claim that they know cooking because they can make Maggi and boil eggs. Many save lot of money on their birthdays by giving Maggi treat to their friends and thus avoiding expensive dinners. IT engineers going onsite are known for carrying one bag full of Maggi. It is a dream food for newly married working couples.

However, with recent reports of Maggi having harmful chemicals, millions of hearts are broken and there is a depression wave across country which is stronger than the heat wave or the Modi wave. Now, many have come forward and demanded Baba Ramdev to come up with a healthy herbal Maggi from Patanjali products.

Baba Ramdev telling followers to use intelligence before buying food items

Baba Ramdev, the FMCG tycoon of India who incidentally also preaches Yoga and sometimes leads political protest too, has accepted the request and is planning to launch the ayurvedic version of Maggi on June 21, 2015 on the occasion of first International Yoga day.

Baba said, “Don’t worry, we will create Ayurvedic Maggi using Patanjali Aarogya Atta & Maida and few other herbal ingredients. My mission is to give such products to people so that when people consume those products, they feel satisfied that they care for their health while they continue to indulge in their unhealthy and so called modern and cool lifestyle”.

Baba further added, “I also understand that today we don’t have time to cook food so we will make sure it is cooked in 1.5 minutes. Thus, people will be able to save 30 seconds per pack of Maggi too. To help Narendra bhai we will produce it under ‘Make in India’ initiative ”.

We also spoke to Maggi, a 25 year old woman and named Maggi because she loves eating Maggi since her childhood. She said, “I have been eating Maggi regularly as it was an unique food with the formula Taste Bhi Health Bhi. But now I feel cheated as if my boyfriend has ditched me. I have started a social media campaign to give us our Maggi back. The hashtag is #IWantMyMaggiBack. I am happy Baba Ramdev is soon coming up with herbal Maggi soon”

This new developments has given much needed respite to hundreds of thousands of small outlets on roads which thrive on selling Maggi while Nestle is planning to go to court to prevent production of herbal Maggi. Nestle is also planning to bring Aamir Khan to campaign for Maggi to save it like he saved coke from pesticides few years back.