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Leading B-Schools turning to India for Innovative Management Lessons from the Most Successful Company in the World

23, Jun 2015 By chanakyan

The leading Biz Schools have few things in common. An eye to watch for the most successful management stories is just one it. It is learned that a number of Business schools are directly or indirectly tracking the much-hyped Lalit Modi investment in the Niyant Heritage Hotels, after the FM gave the transaction a clean chit.

The transaction which was under cloud was not in the radar of any business analysts, so the close to million percent appreciation of its stock was taken as a case of anomaly, probably one involving round tripping.

But after the FM gave it all the necessary legitimacy, the deal has emerged as the most successful deals in the history of business in the world. This beats the around 3400 percent appreciation over 100 years of the Johnson controls, or the 2500 appreciation of the Colgate Palmolive hollow.

While these companies took about 100 odd years of activity spread over much of the globe, the Niyant managed the task in less than a decade, and with a very tiny geographic footprint. Unfortunately the company is not publicly listed, so none of the public is going to benefit from the appreciation.

The owners of the company, embroiled in a political controversy were not available for comment. However the spokespersons of the ruling political party ascribed this to the very sharp business acumen of the promoters.

“We smell a BIG rat” said Pete Schrodinger and Matt Jefferson MBA students from Harvard following the story. There were very disappointed to see the inactive NHHPL. The duo is working on turn around stories of Heritage business across the globe. Their attempt to meet the functionaries of the company was not very successful.