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Lay's chips packets to be used as Airbags in cars

19, Feb 2013 By Adithya Shetty

USA: Leading global automotive company ‘Delphi’ has decided to use LAY’S chips packets as Airbags in cars. Considering the global economy, it has become too expensive to produce airbag materials, which consists of Flexible fabric cushion and Inflator gas which is too expensive compare to LAY’S chips packets. The ‘Delphi’ company is now busy negotiating with LAY’S company for a huge deal.

Air to the rescue

In an exclusive interview with faking news, the ‘Delphi’ automotive company’s CEO Mr. Bean said: “Our recent experiments has proved that the LAY’S chips packet has enough air to prevent the car passenger from lethal injuries. It would be the ultimate alternative for Airbags.”

However this might seem crazy idea, but LAY’S has the good record for holding compressed air in a plastic packs without any leaks. And no no — you don’t have to worry about the little amount of chips in the packet.

Meanwhile, a young scientist named, Newton (not Isaac) claims: he has made a Parachute by LAY’S chips packets by tying just 12 Lay’s packets, and it went to space flying.

In other related incident, a boy was saved by a Lay’s chips packet by drowning. The air inside the packet gave enough buoyancy that the boy manages float by holding it. Apart from being a food product, these are some of the astonishing achievement by Lay’s company.

(written by Howzthatt)