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Kingfisher decides to get its jobless air hostesses married

12, Dec 2013 By Saud Bhoira

Bangalore. Irate by repeated calls to his office over non-payment of dues to the flight attendants, a senior management official of the King Fisher group has created an online portal to get all the girls married.

Posing for matrimonial pics.
Posing for matrimonial pics.

The website called classifies the air hostesses in three categories- first class (for the rich and elite), business class (for the people pretending to be rich) and economy class (for the middle class).

‘Under the program, all suitable suitors shall be required to pay the unpaid-wages of the girl they are marrying as indirect-dowry’, the terms-and-conditions on the website state.

‘We have tried and tested the air hostesses with vague flying hours and at random altitudes’, the website continues to say, ‘so most of them have no problem staying active late at night.’

The above statement has caught the eye of many IIT-ians and it has been reported by a computer engineering faculty member that most of the students have an extra tab open on their practical-lab browsers linking to the site. He said he was quite relieved that the extra tabs weren’t linking to what he had thought of earlier.

‘The service is terribly disappointing. I married a first class girl and now the site, through its tiny-print terms-and-conditions, is forcing me to marry an economy class girl, too! It says first class girls are too lazy to do stuff on their own’, a customer complained. ‘Where am I going to get dowry for another marriage?’ he rued.

The idea, however, didn’t go too well with the air hostesses. A senior air hostess, not very appreciative of marriage, fumed, ‘earlier we used to offer drinks for fun; now we’ll give men a reason to drink!’ A King Fisher official felt very happy to know this, and said that forcing men to drink may actually stabilise his company.