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Was just testing if "terminate" button was working fine, didn't intend to remove Cyrus: Ratan Tata

26, Oct 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In a sensational revelation, Tata Group’s godfather and current interim chairman Mr. Ratan Tata has said that he was just testing whether the company’s peoplesoft websites were working as expected.

"Ratan Tata explaining to the media on what exactly happened, as relieved Cyrus smiles."
“Ratan Tata explaining to the media on what exactly happened, as relieved Cyrus smiles.”

Ratan Tata is said to have gone through helpdesk tickets as part of a “surprise inspection” a couple of hours before removing Cyrus Mistry. It is believed that he found hundreds of tickets concerning dysfunctional resignation and termination buttons during the inspection, and decided to test the functioning of those buttons himself.

“In the godfather login view, I could not see a resignation button, but just the one for termination. I immediately clicked it and terminated the default value which came up, I didn’t realize that Cyrus Mistry was the default value”, said Mr. Tata as he planned to reinstate Cyrus back into his existing postion.

“With this exercise, I was able to confirm that terminate button is indeed working and later, closed a series of tickets related to that. Felt very down-to-earth doing helpdesk job”, Mr. Tata finished as he started calling Mistry for his reinstatement.

As per our sources, employees at Tata Sons and other subsidiaries are now worried about Ratan Tata’s surprise inspections. They now fear an encounter with disguised Ratan Tata and more than that, the loss of job it could cause due to possible misbehavior with him.