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Jajmau shops lacking leather footwear

24, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: This city’s suburb Jajmau famous for its leather footwear and other items also finds sufficient surge of the customers on the shops on different roads. The customers are turning up on the 150-feet road and Galla Godaam road for purchasing leather made items. There are existing scores of shops on these important routes. There is no dearth of leather items but the customers are finding the prices a little higher this year on the occasion of Eid festival.

Notwithstanding everything is not wholly made of the leather. What the customers used to procure years ago is not available now. Now, they are told that the cost of leather products has gone up several folds so every genuine item is being shipped to the foreign lands. What is available and affordable is the mixture of leather and comparable materials? The suburb markets are abuzz with the so-called leather sandals, slippers and the shoes but these can be said to be rejected products by the foreign buyers. The rates are too higher but the quality is pleasingly not up to the standard. The sole remains attractive and eye-catching but the upper is seldom like leather. What is worth surprising is that the Chinese foot wears are put for sale on the shops known for leather products.

The sellers are certainly making hay of the festival season. They have hiked the prices exorbitantly but least considered over the value. The people conversant with the market trends are clearly asserting upon these foot wears brought in the markets from the public sale of the rejected consignments. When the foreign buyers abandon the containers, the local buyers purchase the auctioned supplies at the lower price. Consequently, they see their benefits during the festival time. The customers are lured by the shopkeepers to buy obtaining sub-standard items in the name of leather. It is not untrue that the leather foot wears are too expensive which has been becoming a thing of the past for us.