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ITC introduces Tyrion Lannister as brand ambassador for "Chhota Gold Flake"

30, Jun 2014 By debanshu

In a shocking turn of events, ITC has made one of the most expensive celebrity endorsement deal till date by bringing Tyrion Lannister on board as the brand ambassador for chhota gold flake.

After the price hike in cigarettes, there has been a massive shift in sales towards chhota gold flake.

“I love chhota gold flake

Tobacco subject matter expert Ramlal Panwari reports, ” People can no longer afford bada gold, and the demand has risen exponentially for chhota gold. Some people are bringing their own cigarette holders so that they can enjoy the whole cigarette. Others are preferring to smoke indoors with the windows closed and the fan switched off.”

Other tobacco correspondents from around the country have reported a consequent rise in demand for chhota classic mild and chhota gudang garam.

This seems to be a trend which has not escaped the minds of the ISB graduates at Gold Flake.

“We had to get the right marketing pitch to capitalize on the rising demand,” said head of tobacco innovations Sudhir Vinod while flicking his 555 bidi, “With the bada gold, aka Kings, recently killed by the steep prices, the time for chhota gold has finally come. We selected Tyrion Lannister because he has a nice smile,” he added.