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IT major scraps work from home, introduces home at work

18, Feb 2014 By surajr

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Mumbai: In what has been described as a game changer in the IT industry, outsourcing and consulting giant Axe Venture has discontinued the work from home facility for all employees, except senior management, and replaced it with home at work.

Under the home at work facility, employees can rent out bays and cubicles across various Axe Venture locations for residential purposes.

Sources close to the development have confirmed to Faking News that this move has come on the back of severe employee unrest following Axe Venture’s decision to make 10 hour working day mandatory for all employees, except senior management.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Axe Venture CEO D. K. Bose confirmed the Home at Work program.

“We received extremely negative feedback for the decision to make 10 hr working day mandatory for all employees. Based on the results of an internal survey, we came to the conclusion that work life balance was a major concern for all the employees. So, we wanted to come up with an innovative solution, which will set us apart from our industry peers. Since our employees spend, on an average, approximately 4 hours a day commuting to work, we decided to eliminate the commute altogether, thereby providing our employees more time to pursue their interests, and basically have a life outside of work,” added Mr. Bose.

Providing additional details, D. K. Bose said, “Our employees can rent out entire bays, meeting rooms or cubicles based on their requirement. Our rental rates are very competitive and is inclusive of all amenities. For a premium , we will also offer senior executive cubicles which have HD TV and massage chairs. For married employees, if either spouse is not an Axe Venture employee, special access Id cards will be provided. Internet firewalls and security cameras will also be turned off for the privacy of our employees.”

Though the management seems upbeat about this “innovative” solution, the reaction from employees has been mixed. Dipak (name changed to protect identity), an Axe Venture employee, told Faking News, “This is total bullsh*t. This is just another devious scheme by the management to get more work done by the employees. I will be effectively on call 24/7. Also, I will not be able to take sick leave by faking illness. Additionally, I won’t be able to submit fake rent receipts, thereby increasing my tax liability.”

Another employee, on the condition of anonymity added, “I am really enthusiastic about the Home at Work scheme. By cutting out the stressful commute, I can work much better and deliver high performance. Also, I believe premium locations are being allocated to employees with higher proficiency rating, which will motivate me to work with a greater zeal.”

While industry body NASSCOM has hailed this innovative approach, this has caused some unrest among local businessmen. Jignesh, a property dealer speaking exclusively to Faking News said “This is going to really hit our business hard. Only gullible IT employees would pay a rent of 20k per month for a matchbox sized apartment. If this is implemented by all IT companies, we will become bankrupt.”

Mohan, an auto rickshaw driver said, “It was very easy to loot money from IT employees by charging double or triple the legal fare, especially at late night. Now with them staying at their office all the time, it will be very difficult for us to make our ends meet.”