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IT giant gives a big 5.5000 % hike to its employees, with a bigger twist

28, Mar 2015 By fakedust

In the midst of rumors about getting an unbelievable hike amongst the employees, Infocrysis Consultancy Services (ICS) made a smart move by announcing a never ever imagined increase of 5.5 Thousand Percent.

25 paise coin
Tata Sikka

The news spread like a fire during Diwali times in a cracker factory. The employees on bench ran to fight and find systems to see their much awaited increased compensation letters, which, however, left them shattered.

As told by one of the shocked employees, Pretend Kumar Coder (name has been modified appropriately to maintain secrecy), “There seems to be a big twist in the tale!”

Pretend joined the company 6 years back as a ‘Bench Engineer’ and got his first promotion as ‘Maintenance and Support Offshore Labor’ last quarter.

When asked more about the mysterious twist, Pretend revealed, “As mentioned in the new compensation letter, the 5.5 Thousand Percent hike is made up of 2 components: 5.5 and 1000. The 5.5 % hike is applicable on the small drop-like basic, while a 1000% hike has been applied on the Provident Fund, which is deducted two-three times from the total salary!”

“I don’t have the guts to calculate the final modified in-hand salary,” added the super heart-broken Pretend, “It might end up to being one Sikka, or we might also have to say Tata to the in-hand salary altogether!”