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IT engineer retires after receiving double digit hike

12, Dec 2013 By Deb D Barman

Benchpar Baithnewala, a.k.a Ben, a software engineer announced his retirement today after receiving a double-digit hike this year. As per the increment letter issued by his HR manager, Ben’s hike for this year is estimated to be 0.33% (correct up to ‘double digit’ decimal point).

Ben is working as a junior software engineer from last six years in a truly multinational IT organization with registered office in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Vatican City.

Performance Appraisal
Ben was as happy when he saw the reward

Being experienced with all software development life-cycle phases, Ben had utter disbelieve in his face as he read through his increment letter. It took him 2 hours 30 minutes of time, two washroom and three coffee breaks and four peer reviews to realize the letter content fully.

“This is beyond my imagination! I never saw anyone getting this kind of reward in my entire career. Moreover the letter says, job well done! I can’t believe myself” – Ben was visibly ecstatic while reporting this to his peers. Soon after Ben declared his retirement from IT industry as he accomplished the impossible feat in his short career of six years and nothing more is there for him to achieve.

Mixed reactions broke out among office colleagues. “End of an era! It is never going to happen again” an emotional teammate commented, while sweets were being ordered and a farewell party was being planned for celebration.

“Who cares where the decimal point is, as far it has a double-digit? Grow up dude!” – A visibly angry employee replied, when someone pointed out the decimal point placed before the increment percentage in the letter.

Faking News tried to reach the Rewards and Recognition department spokesperson for comments. However, no one was available as they were reportedly busy justifying Ben’s increment letter to the global heads of Talent Retention and Business Strategy team.