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IT engineer completes 1 year duration project in 1 day, gets fired

29, Nov 2013 By rajkiransaraswat

In a historic turn of events an IT engineer named ‘Sunil Kardunga‘ finished the project of duration 1 year in 1 day,  later he was fired by the HR for his recklessness and lack of patience.

Honesty kills.
Honesty is not always a good policy.

Mr Kardunga who had been working from last 3 years in Infin Technologies limited, a Bangalore based IT firm, observed that almost all the projects require huge timelines not because of the work but because of the endless follow ups and chasing down the functional people for clarifications, and after continuously doing these activities for past 3 years he decided not to follow and chase the functional people & managers and wanted to do some thing new.

One weekend he came down to the office because he did not have anything else to do at home and started working on the project out of habit, he couldn’t realise how the whole day passed and at the end of day he was flabbergasted, not because another day of IT life had ended but because he had completed all of his work to his utter surprise. Amazed by his performance he drafted a colorful mail with tables and bullet points, and sent it to his project manager, project team and client, and went home reportedly singing Gangam Style.

Next day when he came to office he was shocked to see that his ID card was disabled and he couldn’t get inside the office premises, he inquired about it with the security personnel at the office gate who instead of giving any pointers booked and fined him for not wearing tie on monday. Dejected by all this he called up the HR and his manager who then came to the gate to inform him about the sad news that the company has decided to lay him off.

‘He was reckless and more intelligent than the business requirement of this role, how can he do that to his fellow team mates who had their visa’s stamped and were ready to go on site, now as the work is completed what will they do ? Even i had my visa ready and i had already planned my holiday business trip to on site, now what will i do? said Mr. Ravi Gollapuriwala, manager of the fired employee.

‘Though he has saved the effort and money by completing the project in 1 day but he had also deprived many people of working for the year and which has increased our bench strength, which will harm our productivity and warm our benches’ said HR ‘MissPinky Mogewali‘ when asked about this incident.

Meanwhile the upper management has issued strict guidelines to the employees in the internal mailers threatening  informing them that the notice period may be increased to 1 year if any such incident is reported in the future, because such incidents hamper the company promise dates and business planning schedules.