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Iron Man's digital assistant 'Jarvis' taken over by the Govt. of India

24, Sep 2013 By hoaxslayer

Talking to a press conference, Congress spokesperson Mr. Manish Tiwary announced a new concept adopted from the famous film series, Iron Man.

The new concept is called Jarvis 2.0/ Jarvis autobot. Mr. Manish Tiwary said that the congress government had acquired the technology from Marvel comics for 10$ dollars, but congress finally paid an amount of 11 million $, assuming that the number 11 is lucky and magical.

After faking news did a conclusive and in-depth analysis of the acquisition, it was found that the acquisition took place in 2011 itself. But the government didn’t announce the acquisition as they didn’t acquire any technology, but just the name of the idea and the name itself, “Jarvis”.

Fearing a major embarrassment in the 2014 general elections, the government handed over the project of actually developing the technology to the D.R.D.O.

The credibility and secular aspect of the minority is in a huge controversy as “Jarvis”, reportedly is a Hindu name, according to other communist minorities.

The Urban and Semi-Urban youth is demanding that the Govt. Of India force Marvel to film a Iron Man Movie in India, adding that the starlets would be Kapil Sharma and the like.

While the B.J.P. argues that this acquisition in the light of the General Elections, they are demanding the Election Commission to intervene. Apparently, the E.C.’s  son-in-law’s brother’s brother-in-law is a B.J.P. Secretary’s Uncle’s Best Friend’s Son-in-law. B.J.P. accepts the E.C. to intervene.

While the left parties don’t seem to care about the acquisition, they were reportedly seen signing a petition to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha about the level of oil in the Parliament’s canteen’s Pakodas.

They fear that the U.S. is going to take over the canteen because of the oil and then, they fear that they might have to pay double the price.

In a preventative note, the M.P.’s of S.P. and B.S.P. are depositing their Pakoodas in the Swiss Bank.

R.T.I. activists have been active to find the hidden clues about this on-going scam. The U.P.A. has already, excitedly, added this to their lifetime scam achievements, just losing to other scams such as C.W.G. and the Coalgate.

Meanwhile, Colgate, the leading toothpaste, which 99% of dentists recommend, behind Pepsodent, where 9/10 doctors use themselves, has filed a defamation case against the Indian media for illegally using their name to address a scam.

Internal sources in Colgate have leaked that Colgate is going bankrupt, so they are hoping to at least get 2 Billion US $ as compensation.