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IRCTC acquires major stake in Google

11, Sep 2013 By kul512

In a stunning deal termed as the mother of all deals, IRCTC has bought majority shares in the Google. Google will now be officially owned by the Government of India, Railway Ministry to be precise.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh congratulated the UPA on the deal and thanked the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. He further said that Google search will now function better and people will be able to search for missing files of coal scam.

He later blamed Narendra Modi and RSS for misinterpreting his statement and slapped three media persons, and went back to being silent, so that there is no further controversy. The press conference was later addressed by Kapil Sibal, who informed about new changes in Google after it became a government property.

Kapil Sibal already likes those zeroes i.e. O’s

Starting tomorrow, Google search engine will not be available between 08:00 to 11:00 hrs in the mornings. Also there will be limited number of searches one can perform through the search engine.

Government is also mulling to ban the entry of communal words such as Hindu, Rama, and Ayodhya in the search engine.

But Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari Ji told media persons that Madam Ji was not happy with the new policies and she is contemplating to bring “Right to Search” bill in the next parliamentary session.

Tiwari Ji welcomed this step of Madam and compared her to the Oprah Winfrey, but could not provide any logic behind this comparison.

There has been mixed response about this deal by the regional parties. Some are blaming UPA of misusing the public fund to sponsor their next election campaign, while others such as various forms of Janta Dal, have welcomed this step and termed it as a milestone for achieving a secular India.

However, Samajwadi Party, one form of Janta Dal, is not happy. SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav told media-persons that his party will give a befitting reply to the wastage of people’s money by UPA. According to our sources, Bing may be the reply SP is talking about. Also SP is in talk with HP, to permanently ban Google on the laptops distributed by it in UP.

Sources tell Faking News that UPA is also planning a “BJP’s real face” button in the search engine to expose the misdeeds of the NDA tenure, such as Infrastructure development in place of free laptop and mobile distribution, and Nuclear test in place of buying helicopters for VVIPs.