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Inspired by "Pepsi Blue", Pune to introduce "Blue Chivda"

25, Apr 2013 By sanjaysardesai

Pune. In what could be termed as a radical marketing gimmick, Pune based manufacturers and traders are offering great offers this IPL in support of the Warriors. More than the win against Rajasthan Royals on April 11th 2013, the fact that Ashoke Dinda conceded only 4 runs in the 19th over is largely thought to be one of the greatest moments in the history of the IPL.

Punekars do not want to be reminded of CSK jersey colour.

To celebrate the occasion the ‘raddiwallas’ of Sadashiv Peth promptly announced that they would be paying Re 1/- extra on a kilogram of raddi which led to a minor stampede in the area with some people selling newspapers borrowed from their unsuspecting neighbours.

One of the traders attributed Dinda’s success to his having given up wearing his trademark headband. Dennis Lillie was Dinda’s inspiration behind wearing a headband – that he looked and bowled like Rumesh Ratnayake is a different story.

Dinda’s moment of glory, however, paled in comparison to Pune defeating Chennai in their own den. To snub the Chennai Super Kings the, the members of the “Chiwda” lobby said after this success Pune can no longer manufacture chiwda flakes with their typical yellow colouring, which would be an insult to their team.

Pepsi Blue
Pepsi blue

In an informal meeting held between some manufacturers of “Chiwda” outside a restaurant on FC road over 2 cups of tea shared by 10, it was decided to change the colour of Chiwda flakes from ‘yellow’ to “blue”.

One of the manufacturers of “Chiwda” was questioned by our team. One of them answered our question with a question: “When Pepsi came up with “Pepsi Blue” during one of the previous editions of the ODI World Cups, you did not object. Why now?” He also said like “paandhra rassa” (white gravy) from Kolhapur, the “neela chiwda”(blue chiwda) will be a hit.

STOP PRESS: After Gayle’s innings against Pune, the plans of ‘Blue Chiwda’ have been deferred until further announcement.

(Sanjay Sardesai is a lawyer from Goa who prefers IPL to IPC. Big Sourav Ganguly fan, writes a cricket spoof blog “The Goan Patiala” BLOG Link Follow me on Twitter)