Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Inspired by Flipkart, Apple to name its iPhone launch cermony as iPhone sale

07, Oct 2014 By Postman Chacha

California, US – Inspired after the sucess of the Big Billion sale , which turned out more of a price adjustment after overpricing sale, which made people to buy unnecessary item at discount price and necessary commodity at market price, Apple has decided that it will launch its “kidney for sale” priced smartphone in a ceremony and will name it as a I-phone 6 sale .

While talking to us, one of the Apple India employee said that they have closely followed people of India shopping habits, and found out the merry use of word sale makes them break their fixed deposits accounts to buy useless goods, at any price. So they have decided that they will sell their status symbol phones by naming the ceremony as sale.

While we are not sure about the response for this “bike loan” equivalent phone is going to garner but one thing we are sure is that its high time to change the phrase, “An Apple a day ,will keep your bank balance away”.