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Infosys to hire school kids to maintain bench strength

05, Dec 2013 By Swan

Bangalore. Indian IT bellwether Infosys Ltd has plans to hire school kids to keep up with its client demand.

The new play school for kids.
The new play school for kids.

“To keep pace with our growth plans, we have decided to hire school kids for our Mysore Development Office. Currently Mysore has nearly Zero bench strength and as you are aware IT companies have a minimum 20 percent of employees on bench, hence we have decided to hire school kids from prominent schools in Bangalore, Pune and Mysore,” the company said in a statement here on Wednesday.

Asked as to why they have targeted school kids instead of fresh engineering graduates, the company spokesperson said, “Well, there are basically two important reasons. First, the work currently done in Infosys as a whole doesn’t require an employee to think, with major work done on MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word school students are apt for such jobs since they know all of this.”

“Secondly,10-12 year old kids can be easily manipulated, which is very difficult in case of 20-30 year old’s -they just don’t listen. With engineering degrees in their pocket, they come with aspirations of doing some wonder in their career and this creates a problem, as company aspirations don’t match with theirs. What we need in employees is that they don’t question us back,” he added.

Experts believe since hiring is being done for bench it doesn’t matter whether Infosys hires kids, infants or even a fetus.