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Infosys fires its own employees who were found reading Times of India

13, Jun 2014 By dasu

Infosys management has noticed many employees do not respect company sentiment. They read ‘Times of India’, ‘Economic Times’ and ‘New India express’ kind of newspapers while travelling through the office cab.

These newspapers publishes negative articles that motivates its senior management to leave the company. Infosys management also noticed many of its employees are using Facebook throughout the day, but does not like its Facebook page. Mostly they like rival companies facebook pages, TVF and AIB videos. Infosys management has asked the mangers to check with their team members to find out the reason behind this.


One of the manger (who does not want to be named till he resigns) says employees are reading these papers because they get lot of masala news about Bollywood, Tollywood, IPL late night parties, Uday Chopra-Nargis Fakhri love affair. They hardly get a chance to read anything about the company.

Management does not agree with this argument. It has decided to do a crackdown on its own employees. They have asked for help from old newspaper vendors. If any of the Infoscion or his/her family members are found selling the old newspapers which writes negatively about the company, vendors will report the employee name and employee code to office helpdesk. For identifying such employees, Infosys will give them ESOPs, all inclusive 2nights/3days stay package in Mysore office. Keeping this mind vendors are only looking for lanes where most of the Infoscions stay.

Also as part of induction program, Infosys is informing all newly hired employees to like its Facebook page first along with their family members and submit one undertaking that they or their family members will not read such newspapers.

They also should never use paper bags which are made from these newspapers. They should carry a cloth bag all the time while going to market. If they do not follow any of these rules salary will not be credited. Infosys is also looking for freshers and laterals who have good experience in bashing up its rival companies. They are also looking for candidates who in spite of their CV never getting shortlisted or failing to solve Shakuntala Devi puzzles multiple times, still likes its facebook page, does not write bad stuff about the company in social media and more importantly does not read such ‘bad’ newspapers. According to its HR head Manmohandas Pai, there are not many candidates in India who fulfils these stringent criteria. They are also looking for overseas candidates.