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Infosys decides to serve rajma-chawal in cafeteria coming Friday, media goes berserk to cover the story

04, Jan 2014 By Sanki Patrakaar

Bangalore. In a move that is seen as an attempt to regain market trust and value, Infosys cafeteria in Bangalore will be serving rajma-chawal on the coming Friday. All the necessary ingredients required to make the dish have been procured after following the chain of approvals.

Mr. Ramalingam, who is heading the Infosys cafeteria committee spoke to the media today at a press conference in Chennai. Mr. Ramalingam expressed his thanks to the board of directors for clearing the way to serve the dish to the employees of the company. He said, before getting globalised, Infosys has to first get Indianised and look beyond Idli-Dosa. This is a step in the same direction and will help Infosys regaining its market value.

We also contacted few other leading IT companies for comments on the big Infosys move. Most of them did not care to answer the question as they did not find any substance in it. They wonder why media has never contacted them even when they are serving rajma-chawal in their cafeterias since last 20 years.

Few other forthcoming Infosys events which media is excited about include the appointment of a new watchman at the Hyderabad building main gate that is planned to happen on 10th July 2014 and the installation of a new escalator at the Bangalore campus on 14th October 2014.