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IITians unravel mystery behind Monday Blues

02, Sep 2013 By Prateek Shah

A group of high scoring IITians who landed top shot jobs across the IT industry couldn’t digest the fact that just like other mediocre employees, the phenomenon of ‘Monday Blues’ got the better of them too.

Monday Blues demystified.
Monday Blues demystified.

Their hard working selves couldn’t believe that they could also feel low on a Monday, after spending two days trying to make some plans for the weekend gone by.

This lead them to do an in depth study and analysis to find out the causes and reasons behind the concept of Monday Blues and why the entire working population had unknowingly become a victim of this viral disease which severely affects efficiency.

After many months of stealing time from their important working hours, where they refresh their outlook mailbox to find no new mails, the students, who choose to remain anonymous have come up with the following astounding findings on the concept of Monday Blues.

They say, there are two broad theories which puny humans can choose from, while they work on ways to use Chetan Bhagat’s skills and market these findings to make some money.

Theory 1 –

Back in the 18th century, in the fields of a remote corner of the country, farmers were supposed to work all day long from Monday to Saturday. Under the strict regime of the feudal lords, they were banished from leaving their home on the one day that they were on leave in the fear that they might flock to other villages for better opportunities.

When the farmers got out of their homes and unwillingly rejoined work on Monday after having spent a complete day in darkness on Sunday, they were welcomed by the shiny blue sky, which kept changing shades as they worked through the day eventually leading this mood swing to be correlated with the changing moods of the sky and being termed ‘Monday Blues’.

Theory 2 –

In the late 1900s, as people started earning more over the weekdays and partying hard over the weekend, they invariably started feeling far sleepier on a Sunday in comparison with all other days.

Scientists say, that this excessive drowsiness (aka hangover) leads to the retina behind the cornea relaxing more than usual leading to a state of deep Sunday sleep(calmer than meditation). So when the workaholics wake up on Monday morning after the alcoholic weekend, the eyes create an internal wafer thin blue layer, which leads to a blurred vision and a distorted sense of reality.

This distortion makes it difficult to come to terms with all the work you left pending when leaving office in a hurry over the weekend and leads to you asking senseless questions like “What is the purpose of this job and this life?” or “Am i just doing this for the Money?” on Mondays. Scientists have christened this phenomenon as Monday Blues, and the term has stuck ever since.

The IITians are in the meantime preparing their B Plan to pitch to investors in order to encash on the Monday Blues phenomenon. Their plan includes changing Monday’s name to Tuesday and/or making employees work all 7 days a week to avoid this disease of Monday Blues from spreading further.