Saturday, 24th February, 2018

IIN claims Jitendra Singh Tomar degree original, he was IIN's first student ever

13, Jun 2015 By pareshanatma

In a new twist to the fake degree case, the degree of Ex Law Minister of Delhi has turned out to be original, as claimed by an IIN’s spokesperson.

Tomar with his textbooks being charged

In the official statement, IIN spokesperson told Faking News that they have checked their records and Jitendra had B.Sc. degree in 2G course provided by the institute. They further added that he was amongst the first batch ever during the time when even incoming cost a fortune.

“We take pride in our Alumni network. Jitendra Singh Tomar has been a great asset to our institute, and will continue to remain so. Our network is full even in Tihar Jail, so Jitendra can continue to remain in touch and provide opportunities to his juniors to work in Tihar itself. It just expands our horizon and adds new dimension to our institute,” said the official spokesperson.

After this revelation, AAP is all set to make Tomar the minister again. The party is also expected to carry out a dharna to stop IIN from giving any degrees to Smriti Irani.