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I-AM-Big4 surprises employees with an exquisite destination offsite

16, Jul 2015 By razzmattazzz

In yet another masterstroke to boost the already sky-high employee morale, I-AM-Big4 took out its employees to one of the most coveted and scenic places on the entire planet, a destination exquisite beyond compare – Sohna.

A proud, Mr. Raabert Verysexy, who headed the organizing committee, informs us that “we were in a conundrum when it came to the stage of selecting the one best location out of the pristine exclusive locations we shortlisted, including but not limited to Westin, Sohna; Heritage Village, Manesar; Ramada Central, Sector 44, Gurgaon; Double Tree, Sector 56, Gurgaon; Taj Vivanta, Sector 44, Gurgaon; The Oberoi, Delhi etc. and I saw no other way but to reach out to our Director Mr. Ajit Basmeetingkar to seek his valuable input.”

With a twinkle in his eyes, he shares verbatim, the conversation he had with the Director – Raabert – Boss! Aapko kaunsi 3 cheez sabse jyada pasand hain? Ajit: Ek Mona, doosra Sona, aur teesra, Mona ke saath Sona.

“And just like that, in an instant I was put out of the dilemma and it was ahoy Sohna!” he quips, with a reverential admire for his superior.

Mr. Busmaster, the head of logistics shares with us, his contribution to mission Sohna. He says “At first, as you can imagine, logistics for the 42,000m journey from Gurgaon to Sohna seemed like an insurmountable task. Then we (the organizing committee) put our thinking hats on and worked relentlessly to put together a comprehensive end-to-end logistics charter; managing the same in a span of just 6 months, beating our own last year’s record by a massive margin of 15 days. The countless hours we spent drawing, cancelling and then re-drawing the plans at exclusive cyber city restaurants, on their tissue papers, all seem worthwhile when I look back at what we have achieved in terms of employee delight.”

The experience of the mesmerizing location was accentuated by the well-experienced, extremely knowledgeable and zealous training partners. Mrs. Super Ficial (who likes to be addressed as only ‘S’, pronounced as “Ass”) narrates how she built her training organization, BirdBrain (BirdBrain – Reach the sky like a Bird using the power of your Brain) from scratch after breaking-up with the other 4 founders. “When we started we had ‘0’ customers and now in such a short span we proudly call 2 organizations as our esteemed partners. We have seen an infinite growth (calculated as 2 divided by 0) over the 24 months of our existence. Isn’t that great!! , she claims with a sense of pride.

She tells us that I-AM-BIG4 was a strategic opportunity, one that stimulated her to go back to the drawing board to make the activities for the outbound more engaging, challenging and an extra-ordinary learning experience. “The Parle-G biscuits reward in the treasure hunt was replaced with Good-Day cookies, to make it more engaging through a bigger reward. In the activities involving numbers, we replaced the numbers with alphabets to make the games both challenging and confusing. We upped the challenge of the one-legged race manifold by making it a ‘no-legged’ race, where the employees had to run with both legs in the air. Only one member from the entire group managed to complete the race and it was a tremendous learning experience for us all. I have never in the past seen such a strong performance by any other group”, she says.

A vivacious Ms. Jolly, who is excited about having her name in this news-piece tells us that she “managed to wear all the 23 different ensembles that I took along, a different one every hour of our stay in the resort.” As an input for the next year, she has suggested that the “buses should have washrooms, so that I can board the bus in one outfit and can de-board in another glittering one.” On enquiring about the big baggage that she would have had to carry, she says with admiration that “the boys in my team are very courteous and carry a small bag for themselves, just so that they could help me with my luggage. I’m lucky to be a part of this admirable team”.

Mr. Smarty Pants, who was available for comments only after the hangover from the cheap free booze wore-off, is slightly disappointed. He says that the offsite activities were meant “for dummies. In fact, the games at my cousin Nimmi’s wedding including Doodh Mundari (finding the ring first in a vessel full of milk), Gana Khulai (Opening the knots of the wrist-band), Til Palle (playing with rice) generated more excitement and were far more challenging.”

In his closing remarks the Director thanked everyone for their “enthusiastic participation” and hopes that “Sohna will not succumb to the pressures of the innumerable corporate offsites and that it will stay as pristine and enchanting as ever.”