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Husband sues restaurant as wife's nail falls off in finger bowl

10, May 2015 By akanksha

In a bizarre incident at an elite mall in South Delhi, a husband sued the restaurant owner over finger bowls given to them after they had had a sumptuous fulfilling meal.

The couple had gone there to celebrate the promotion of the wife. They relished the meal and the table was cleared. Finger bowls were brought in by the waiter. As the lady lowered her fingers into it, Lo! Phew! Alas! Could there be a bigger disaster?

artificial nail
The nail that fell off had even more flashy designs

She started wailing to the shock of the entire staff and her husband. Some cautiously tried to sense if it was another earthquake that they could not feel. Others thought that the husband had probably announced a divorce.

As the Manager approached the table, he noticed her hand still in the bowl. Oh! And a piece of her finger had broken and was floating there. On a closer observation, he saw that it was the damsel’s nail, all long and glittery.

By then, the husband had already started screaming and blaming them for poor service. Didn’t the staff know that these days ladies wear artificial nails?

(You are supposed to know that, Mind you! If you are a Lecturer at some Hotel Management Institute, get it incorporated in the curriculum soon.)

Following is a glimpse of the conversation reported by a family present there when the incident took place.

Husband: Aren’t you supposed to keep the temperature of water such that the glue used for Nail extension wouldn’t melt or dissolve?

Wife *continues wailing*

Manager: Sir, the staff has not undergone a course in Beauty Culture. We are all Hotel Management graduates here.

Husband: Havent they lived in Delhi and had girlfriends who have Extended Nails?!

Manager: Sir, they are not left with much time to make girlfriends.

Husband: Then what losers are employed there! Change the staff!

Wife: *still wailing* I spent 5000 rupees on that last evening. I have to attend a Kitty Party and I can’t go with this broken nail. My dress worth 13ooo rupees that i bought to wear tonight will also go waste now. *wailing hysterically now*

Hearing this, the husband was outraged and demanded compensation from the restaurant. A dispute ensued and the matter was taken to the court.

People from the shops in the mall came out in large numbers to support the two disputing groups. While some supported the couple, others felt pity for the restaurant staff.

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