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HRD ministry gives a green signal to Indian Institutes of Baba-logy

08, Aug 2014 By Aditya Rane

New Dehli: Following the immense success of the IITs and IIMs, HRD ministry has approved the proposal of setting up four state of the art institutes under the banner of Indian Institute of Baba-logy. This iconic and much anticipated decision is directed towards fulfilling government’s promise of “Acche Din” to the nation.

“We have approved all the works and would now be floating tenders in next couple of weeks. The Bhoomipujan of institutes is scheduled on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra this October ,” Smriti Irani, Minister of HRD, said on Thursday.

Each of these institutes will have a lavish 400 acres, ashram style, campus on outskirts of Mumbai, Dehli , Kolkata and Chennai. On campus facilities to include small runways for charter planes, helipads , direct connectivity via metro , suburban railways and buses. Additionally, the institutes will have esteemed faculty with the likes of Nirmal Baba, Pilot Baba and other distinguished Babas of the nation. Initially, the institutes will offer a three year , fully residential, graduation course in Bachlor of Baba-logy. The course will comprise of internships in all the big spiritual powerhouses of India to keep its students updated with latest trends in the God industry.

“We are delighted by the government’s move to introduce formal education in the God industry. This will encourage youth of the nation to come up with innovative ideas and seriously consider God industry as their career option ,” Baba Ramdev said at a press conference.

Leading economists and strategists believe that this move has a huge economic benefit. The booming God industry is estimated to generate revenues worth $50 billion by the end of 2015. About 30% of this revenue is estimated to be in the form of foreign exchange and hence it is a major step to overcome the current account deficit.