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HR manager given real work, sues boss for harassment

21, Jul 2013 By anirudh51

A newly joined HR manager in a telecom company has sued her boss for harassment. She alleged that she was asked to do real work by her boss to harass and demotivate her.

Gurpreet (name changed) told press that she has 2 years of previous work experience but this kind of work was never given to her. She explained that she was asked to calculate the salary difference between the current employees and lateral hires at the same level to calculate the cost of external hiring instead of promoting within the company by her boss.

HR Manager
Such pictures are usually found as Google results when searched for images of HR managers, but the reality is very different, sources say.

But for the past 2 years something like that was never asked from her.

She was asked to organize three treasure hunts, six intra-department carom matches, and a series of mailers on out-of-office reply etiquette apart from recruitment and employee support. She also asserted that she was a star performer and had won ‘employee of the month’ once when she played bait & switch with 44 new joinees by showing them a high CTC but giving them little salary in hand.

Once she was awarded ‘best team player’ when she informed about certain people to their manager what they had said in a skip level meeting, in her previous company.

She also added if this work would have been actually part of her job requirement as an HR manager; then she would have learned MS Excel and Quantitative analysis instead of subjects like Employee demotivation, loopholes in labor law, team wrecking, giving employee transfer request the slip, sweet talking and being a management snitch in her MBA curriculum.

She was a gold medalist at Sweety Ultra Professional University, she told Faking News.

She claimed that this blowback was because of her manager reading her feedback, where she had rated him on a scale from A to D as U (Ullu da pattha).

She is also being vociferously supported by her union HARAM (HR Association of Rip off Arrogant Messiahs), they have threatened being on a week long coffee break strike in her support and not dressing in casuals on casual Fridays till her manager is right-sized. They also alleged that Gurpreet is being targeted because of being from a minority community while her manager is a Narendra Modi supporter.

The company spokesperson declined to comment on this issue and said the manager in question is on personal leave and cannot be reached for comment. “The matter is being handled internally” the company spokesperson added.