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Hero Motocorp to roll out "Next Gen Bikes" that let you do daily chores on the go

30, Jun 2014 By ashokm

The latest buzz in the town is the next gen bikes of Hero Motocorp. Hero Motocorp’s  new bike Hero Xtreme lets you wear your clothes on the go.


“The ultimate stabilization provided by our bike lets you to even wear your trousers on the go,” says the CEO, Mr.Pawan Munjal.

Few people who owns the bike claim that they can even dance while driving the bike. However Mr. Pawan Munjal dismisses such allegations and says, “We are still working on various dynamics to roll out the next gen bikes. By 2015, we expect to launch a new bike that would let you do daily chores on the go.”

When asked what bought him  such a miraculous ideas, he said, “Today’s world is running at a very rapid pace and we dont have time for all activities to be done. Multitasking becomes crucial in such environment and Hero Motocorp believes in providing such multitasking capabilities for its customers.”

When asked what change the bike bought in his company, he proudly said, ” We have increased the working hours in our company by one extra  hour due to this multitasking. We saved the time for wearing clothes and we efficiently used this time for our development.”

Will these next gen bikes rule the market remains a question. However our inside sources found that Hero Motocorp is even prototyping a design suitable for eating while driving in the roads of India. To me that is real ultimate stabilization. Lets wait and see if Hero’s pursuit becomes a success.