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Harvard business school - A case study on Rahul Gandhi

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Rahul Gandhi is sitting in his room and scanning through his marketing report. His manager advised him to recruit some historian, geography experts , medical student, political student, MBA and a person with common sense to correct his speeches.  They gave a report of 100 pages on the ridiculous mistakes made by him in his speeches.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi at Harvard Business School in his dreams.

He takes his scale and measures the length and breadth of Europe , America and Unites states to check its size which he plans to use in the next speech. He is also advised to read history but he doesn’t have any idea about any book other than comics. He calls his mentor Digvijay singh to get some advice but he advises him to abstain from making any speech on history and asks him to tear some random bills passed by the government.

As a stress buster Rahul decides to play video games . Even when his hands is fiddling with the joystick his mind is wandering about his childhood dream of becoming a film star. He though about the way he used to dance and act with bollywood songs. But now he has a mission of saving the country. He owes responsibility towards his brother in law and mother. He knows the responsibility of the youth icon. He opens the twitter to check the tweets. He checked the tweets of his followers namely – Sanjeev Jha , Sagharika Ghose etc. He feel proud that entire internet world admiring him. He proceeds to his makeup room to  get a more aam admi look. After an hour he walks proudly to serve the nation.

Question to be discussed

1)      Should Rahul Gandhi appoint more people to correct his speeches? If so who all?

2)      Should RG appoint new mentor ?

3)      Should he go for his childhood dream?